hello YOU!

Why choose mindfulness meditation

I had spent many years wrestling that I was a student of medicine and the somewhat marginalized doctor: I dressed up and did so colourfully, I was open to alternative medicines, and spirituality. Those who meet me at first are always surprised to find out I’m a doctor and I kind of like that.
On top of health, I have many passions that may seem unrelated at a first glance:  Meditation, dance, travelling, fitness, photography, languages, writings, reading, and entrepreneurship all inspire me. I would quite often feel that I should double-down on one passion, just choose one to be good at.
Today however, I understand each of my passions give me a special energy, each unique and necessary, that keep my heart excited, and it is by being true to all of them that will make me the most authentic with you, and always give my best.
I believe that each person is here for a reason, and every obstacle we are faced with is really an opportunity to grow. Our struggles double as gifts left for us to unwrap and learn from. In my case, I would have never known the true inner joy I feel without going through the deep suffering I did. I am completely convinced that joy and inner happiness is something for all, and not as some would believe, reserved for the lucky few. I believe that every human being has the power to choose to be happy, right now. With this happiness we find conjoined health, and as such we have that power to choose health in every action, each and every day.
We are often referred to as our best doctor, and if you can believe that as I do, then you’ll be healing yourself as well. I state with all certainty that health comes first and foremost from our human spirit, and that many physical conditions (including obesity, addiction, and chronic pain, to name a few) don’t evolve radically without first healing the mind.  We all have the capacity to be healthy and the motivation to get to that place lies within us all.
Life as I see it, is here for us to have a fun, to live passionately, to do what we love and grow every day. I know that magical things happen when we trust fully in the Universe to have our backs (I know, a medical doctor talking about needing to “trust the Universe”, but hear me out). I know that taking care of yourself, liking yourself, being in love with you is a non-negotiable and it is afterward that we give ourselves to create joy in others.
Finally, all of this can be made real by practicing meditation and cultivating the culture of the inner-you, that’s when you find that lasting peace that permeates and weaves into each of our interactions, and greets all those whose paths we cross.
I’m here to demystify meditation and serve health. I have big vision of what I want to bring into this world, but I’ve got to start somewhere with you guys, and it’s right here, and right now. This project will keep growing as I do, adding audio meditations, programs to dive deeper into areas in mental, emotional, and physical health. We are looking at video segments, articles, books, you name it: I love coming up with ideas and sharing them, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
No matter what brought you here, know that being here has already brought you at least a little closer to You.
May you find peace in your heart, in your world, and in the world whole.

With every purchase you contribute to someone’s life.

A million ‘Thank You’s!

Rêve d’enfants


My cousin Pierre-Alexandre had a degenerative disease that took his light at the age of 16. In all of his years, he was the sunshine in our family, despite all of the challenges he faced. The Rêves d’Enfants foundation sprinkled magic into his life, and our lives as well, by letting him live out his dream to go to Disney World. I decide to give here because dreams are what feed us. Make children’s dreams come true too!

The Unstoppable Foundation


I did a stage of medicine in Benin and I left it feeling ambivalent toward “international missions” and “international co-operation”. We put together a small makeshift clinic in a village. For a week, hundreds of patients presented themselves to see doctors and receive treatments. Yes some of what we did helped the villagers, but more often than not, the effects support was temporary. We put bandages on a wound that would never heal. We gave painkillers for a week to someone who would visibly suffer their whole life. I grew up with the dream that I would go on missions with Doctors without borders and I watched that dream crumble before my eyes.

When I saw Cynthia speak on The Unstoppable Foundation and their work in Africa, I felt that this project would contribute in a lasting way to the life of the inhabitants of the sponsored villages. This is because those villages were sponsored so that they could grow to be self-sufficient and autonomous in the future. “Sponsor a Village (SAV) is based on a 5 pillar development model that incorporation everything crucial to lifting communities from poverty and removing obstacles to educating children. This isn’t charity in the traditional sense [they bring education, drinking water, food, health services, and financial literacy to each village sponsored.] It’s the empowerment for the entire community. Within approximately 5 years of implementation, projects are fully sustainable and parents no longer need our financial support. That’s true empowerment!”