My story

We don’t always talk about sick doctors, but I was one, a doctor who had to heal herself: I suffered from anorexia for four years, which spiralled into a deep depression and professional burnout. Everyday was a battlefield, I often felt more ill than my patients. It was really a life without much of the living bit: everything in shades of grey, the colours had all run out. One day, I died, my body was moving and breathing, but my heart just didn’t have anything to beat for. That day, someone grabbed my hand; I held on and chose life.

We often talk about a coach who never played, or a trainer who is out of shape, that was me: I was taking care of others without taking the time to care for me. I refused medication–my whole body suffered. A fire burned through my spine and would leave me burning in bed for two hours every morning. I tried everything to get better: I read every book on personal growth I could find, I travelled to India to do yoga, Tantra, Reiki, going so far as repeat a mantra for an hour everyday for a year. Some of it helped, but it didn’t heal me fully.

On the road the to recovery, I finally found the biggest game changer I had ever found: Mindfulness meditation. By it, I began to tap into this magical and prior unknown universe: My inner self. The “present moment” was just a conceptual place, until I started feeling it with all of the cells in my body. It was a term “en vogue”, used with the according lightness. The lightness quickly vanished at the moment when I closed my eyes and felt this conscious presence trickle through my entire body. At that moment I realized, my whole life until that point was unconscious.

I applied myself to observe others, and observe myself. I came to see that most people, like me, had been passing most of their lives without being really conscious and present. They were living in the blessings and pains of the past and the illusive promises of the future. For months then, I meditated, then I meditated, and meditated some more. Two hours a day, all by myself, left to observe without prejudice my breath, my thoughts, sensations, sounds, smells. My new motto became “ Love yourself first; help others, after. ” Taking care of me became my priority, I meditated in the morning, at night, while I ate, cooked, and did sports.

Fast-forward eight months from the moment of mindfulness discovery: I had beaten anorexia. My heart filled with a profound sense of peace, of joy, lasting, authentic and pure. All of this made me resonate with a new and contagious energy. Then and there I knew what I have to do with my life: teach others this technique that transformed my life and contribute to bringing the world to be mindful.

Here, I hope to share, as a person and a doctor, all the little things and technique that I learned that contribute to your wellness and health. I wouldn’t consider myself the average doctor; I am multi-passionate, always travelling, an entrepreneur, I love to dance, read, and meditate. My goal here is to leave you inspired in the art of living passionately, consciously and create a beautiful community of mindful people.

Being multi-passionate means I like to learn, and some of my completed studies are listed below:

Medical studies and affiliations

« The Arctic School of medicine! »- Practice in family medicine in Salluit, Nunavik
Nov 2013 to Present
College of Family Physicians Canada
UMF de Maria
Resident physician - July 2013
M.D. (with honourable mention)
Université de Montréal – May 2011
– Member of the Collège des médecins du Québec –
– Member of the Canadian Medical Association –
– Member of the Fédération des Médecins Omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ) – 
– Stage in international health – Benin 2013 –
– International stage in cardiology – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010 –
– International stage in gynecology – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010 –
– Stage in international cooperation in Iquitos, Peru – 2006 –

other medical training

– Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) –
– Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) –
– Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) –
– ÉDU 1 and ÉDU 2 (emergency ultrasound) –
– Primary training in Cardiac coherence –

other studies

Certificate for introduction to Ayurvedic medicine
India 2017
Coach-in-training using Psycom method
January 2016 to Present
Kripalu Yoga Teaching Course
(200 hours) - 2011
Reiki 1 and Reiki 2
Inde 2009
– Quantum Leap with Peak Potentials – 2014 to 2016  –
– Solo travel – 2008-2009 to Brazil and India 
Lets go through what’s happened with me so far.
  • 90’s - I play with my grandpa’s dialysis machine.

    I take my cousin Pierre-Alexandre to the park in his wheelchair. I decide I want to heal people and grow up like my aunt Josée.

  • 90’s - Half Italian

    I grew up with a lot of admiration for my nonno Angelo, who lived in concentration camps and still took a bite out of life

  • 90’s - I joined ballet

    and got kicked out for being too nervous. My dream of being a ballet dancer dies.

  • 1999 - I suffer from OCD

    and lose all of my friends. I spend my days in my temple: a shrine to the famed Expos I had painted in my closet.

  • 2000 - After a year of weekly psychotherapy

    I am completely free from the clutches of OCD (The psychologist says no one is ever 100% better, but I don’t believe it for a minute)! My spirit is finally free to think and feel non-obsessively. 

    Lesson: The human spirit is wild, to varying degrees of course. We have the capacity to heal ourselves.

  • 2002-2003 - Germany calls!

    I move to a small village of 350 people without knowing a word of German. I learn the language and learn to love the culture and travelling. I meet Renato, my Brazilian best friend.

  • 2004 - My first trip to Brazil with Renato

    Renato thinks that people don’t dare attack me, because I seem too naïve.

    Lesson: I was definitely Brazilian in a past-life

  • August 2005 - I start my studies in medicine

    at Université de Montréal, and I study like crazy.

    Lesson: One day of rest a week is necessary, it’s essential and great for the brain.

  • 2006 - I do some volunteer work

    in a refuge for people suffering from AIDS and tuberculosis.

    Lesson: My view on international co-operation and humanitarian aid changes. There are many people in need of help in our countries.

  • 2007 - I am completely fascinated

    by the human body, how it work, the anatomy, it’s perfection.

    Lesson: The human body is a miracle in and of itself.

  • March 2008 - Some strange force

    overtook my brain and I decided to become a model. I eat a single grapefruit for lunch and visibility drop in weight.

    Lesson: I only learned 4 year later that it was here that my anorexia started.

  • September 2008 - 6 months to Brazil

    I learn Portuguese and the “Brazilian Jeito”. I am a model in Sao Paolo and have my first binging.

  • November 2008 - I drop the agency

    and exile myself to Rio. I rediscover the city that has become my favourite in the whole world.

    Lesson: Do what brings you joy! Forget the stuff bringing you pain.

  • December 2008 - I discover Brazilian couple dances

    (Zouk and Forro), my new passion! I want to drop becoming a doctor to become a professional dancer.

    Lesson: Passions are good for your health.

  • March 2009 - India calls my name

    I answer, with the hope of finding illumination. I travel alone to Radjastan to learn the magic of life.

    Lesson: Everything is connected; You have to trust the Universe.

  • April 2009 - I practice Yoga

    intensely for one month and then do a Trantric retreat. I stare into the eyes of strangers for 5 minutes. This was amazing.

  • May 2009 - An Indian guru

    comes into my life, finds my spirit agitated and gives me a mantra to recite for a year to calm it down (all done on a red carpet). I complete the Reiki 1 and 2 training.

  • July 2009 - I start my externship in medicine

    Lesson: I like medicine but feel hospitals ought to be more beautiful.

  • April 2011 - I put an end

    to a toxic relationship of 2 years, from which I come out with my heart deflated, lifeless.

    Lesson: Manipulative people are amongst us all. We have the choice to stay or go.

  • May 2011 - Graduated

    from my professional 200 hour Kripalu yoga training.

    Lesson: Yoga is the union of the body, the heart, and the spirit, just like health is.

  • July 2011 - I start my residence

    as a family doctor in Baie-des-Chaleurs. My stress level increases, my quality of life goes down, my eating troubles worsen.

  • February 2012 - My anorexia

    degrades to a climax. I suffer from major depression and consider suicide. I consult a doctor and take a health-break. My eating crises fade.

  • March 2012 - I take care of myself

    I consult specialists: a doctor, psychologist, osteopath, and nutritionist.

    Lesson: Everything starts here: Love yourself.

  • Mar - Aug 2012 - I meditate

    meditate, and meditate. I study mindfulness meditation. I practice it everyday; things are getting better.

    Lesson: The present moment is the key.

  • August 2012 - I wake up and realize

    that I’m better. I finally have beaten anorexia! I am happy, profoundly and ridiculously happy. I felt a joy that I had never felt before in my life.

  • September 2012 - Back to Brazil

    I dance for the first time with Felix, my future husband.

  • Fall 2012 - I teach mindfulness

    meditation to six patients. It’s the most beautiful experience of my life. Getting to the see the eyes of the patients evolving after each meeting, it’s magic.

    Lesson: I found my mission in life! Be the messenger and share the Universe’s message

  • July 2013 - I finish my residence as a doctor!

    I’m officially a medical doctor!

  • September 2013  - Felix and me

    meet in Buenos Aires. After a week, we knew we would get married.

    Lesson: Love is out there.

  • November 2013  - I begin my medical practice

    in the village of Salluit, in the Grand-Nord of Quebec.

  • Jan - April 2014 - I go back and forth

    between Salluit and Rio. From -50 to 40 degrees Celsius.

  • January 2016 - I begin the 18 month Psycom

    coaching program with Guillaum Dulude.

  • January 2016 - After two years

    full-time in Salluit, I now work part-time. I begin my first steps as an entrepreneur!

    Lesson: When the entrepreneurial flame catches, you can’t put it out.

  • January 2016 - We get working

    on a mobile application to revolutionize the health system #StayTuned

  • April 2016  - We launch Brazilian Bliss

    a business born out of my passion for fitness, Brazil, and female beauty

  • September 2016 - I am finally ready

    to sow my seeds, those of meditation, of joy, and health. Lesson: You must dare and share!