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“I’ve seen Sophie evolve over the past 10 years and blossom into a wonderful woman. When I’m at her side, she makes me laugh; she makes me feel strong and more open in the heart and spirit. She incorporates the idea, day after day, that we live to complete those things that bring us joy, and not the things others expect of us. She shows us that it’s by working on ourselves that we can truly be able to help others; by loving ourselves that we can love others. She is the proof that there is no insurmountable task if we have the will and we believe in ourselves. I wish for her to accomplish the greatest of dreams and I’ll have you know that if she does, they will manifest just as wonderfully for you as well!”

– Dr. Sarah Dello Sbarba –

“It’s the curious coincidences in life that make you meet a person radiant and full of light… Without knowing much about what I jumped into, Dr. Sophie gave me a tool to live fully and appreciate life. I had the courage to tell her… Angels exist…’’

– Louis St-Laurent –

An enriching and instructive course that changes the way you view life and the events in it, particularly those that may cause anxiety. My state of mind improved a great deal throughout the program and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to kick-start real change in their life.’’

– Dr. Hélène Legault-Ouellet 

“Great program with lots of tools to take away. Sophie is a generous, kind and accessible instructor.  Thank you for this enriching experience.”

– Djamila –