10 ways of staying ZEN when you’ve got a thousand things to DO.

Have you ever had the sensation of running in every direction with a tight chest, shortness of breath, with the impression that you will never get there, and the only way to forget would be by going to bed?

I understand! It has often happened to me and it still happens to me, even though I have become more and more aware of the feeling of anxiety and pressure. Ouf!

I am now back in my little Inuit village for the summer and after a few weeks, finally feel like I have settled in. We made the choice to live a nomadic life and it comes with (many) advantages and disadvantages, like any lifestyle.

When I come back to Montreal, sometimes only for a week before I have to leave, it is somewhat a “madness”. The week before my return to Salluit I did, however, handle it with enough zenness considering the circumstances. (Recording 15 meditations audios, 3 days of shooting online courses, 2 days of training, editing, editing, publishing, meetings, etc.).

I wanted to share with you my ways of keeping zen that helped me get everything done (which I thought was impossible) AND have fun at the same time! This way, you can feel inspired if an overwhelming feeling takes you.

Here are my Top 10 ways to stay ZEN and BE yourself despite all there is to DO:

  1. I Repeat as my mother taught me, “I always get there”. Like many people, I often do things last minute and under pressure, and even if I sometimes feel like I can’t make it, I always do. The week before my return to Salluit, I repeated this to myself when the anxiogenic feelings surfaced in my mind.
  2. I Always start the day with a morning meditation, even if it’s only for 10 minutes and even if I try to tell myself “I do not have time”. This is my zen pill of the day! I always make it my priority because it influences my whole day. It my way of putting ME first because it influences my daily moods which therefore influences my daily actions.
  3. As often as possible, get yourself back into the present rather than into the anxieties of the future. (Personally, I rarely have time to think about the past but I often think about the future because of my anxious nature, so I bring myself back to the present as often as possible when I catch my mind drifting towards future ‘issues’. It helps enormously!)
  4. Focus on what you are doing presently. If I ride a bike, I bike: I focus on traffic, on the way my body moves, on the wind, sun or rain that touches my skin. I chose to be present and smell the air and enjoy pedaling away.
  5. Stop frequently just to breathe, even if you feel like you do not have the time or worse, feel stifled.
  6. Recharge your brain with creative breaks every day. For example, for me, it’s a bike ride to the Old Port or going to the spa (I’m a spa addict!). Take a meditative break or dance it out!
  7. Surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with positive, effective, kind, collaborative people who raise you and who ADD to your happiness.
  8. Delegate tasks that can be delegated. (It has always been a challenge for me and I practice more and more).
  9. Decrease your expectations. Lowering the bar is not easy when you are a perfectionist, but to practice will decrease anxiety and is better for your health.
  10. Increase time. Find a creative way to increase time when possible.

Does this sound like you ?! Are there any of these things you’ll want to try? Write me to sophie@sophiemaffolini.com, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

You can BE in the ocean of DO,

With love and a little sunshine from the tundra!

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