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Sophie Maffolini, spiritual medical doctor and mindfulness meditation coach

Hey! It’s me, Dr. Sophie: I am a family doctor for the Inuit in Salluit, a meditative and multi-passionate entrepreneur, an ambassador for health and joy, and I am here to show you how to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

Whether you are stressed, anxious, or depressed, living low or not feeling your best: hang in there! Anything can happen to anyone; it happened to me and maybe it happened to you. If you want a daily dose of happiness and health, or just want to get that next level of joy, you have found the right spot.

Being joyful is healthy, and being healthy makes you joyful! My mission is to inspire millions of people to find their constant inner happiness, and bring with them confidence to feel present everyday, elevate the world, and smile the whole way.

If you want to learn more about me, you can check out My Story here, read my letter to you at Why you’re here, or come see the Dr Sophie Sunshine blog.

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” Dear Dr Maffolini, to whom I owe so much.To make an anorexic realize that she must accept herself as she is is the domain of miracles. Sophie performed a miracle on me. This woman shared her own story with courage and generosity and touched me directly on the heart. Her story is my own, the small difference is that I am not yet healed. She became my ray of hope and now, my inspiration. Time, a priceless gift to offer, and she gives hers to me with such goodness. Her voice, which guides me during my daily meditation, which teaches me to love my body, teaches me that joyfulness lives inside of oneself, and that I am ENOUGH. These teachings, those of accepting yourself, of being compassionate with oneself, and being mindful, are not offered in school. Sophie Maffolini, doctor of the body and the soul, is the paradigm of medicine of the future: The doctor who heals first with the heart and then with the spirit.Thanks infinitely.”

– Roxanne Prince –

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“At the beginning of the course, Sophie told us that mindfulness would change our lives – which is exactly what has happened for me. Despite the initial challenge of making time to meditate during a busy day, I followed through until meditation became a daily necessity. Not only has my anxiety lessened but those around me have noticed a real difference in me, a new energy.  I am a mindfulness convert!”

– Dr. Amélie Desjardins-Tessier –